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For too long, strained designer-developer relationships have caused redundancy, confusion, and misalignment:

  • Developers often have to guess at a designer’s intentions from prototypes, delaying the production process.
  • Designers get frustrated when the finished product doesn’t solve user needs as intended.

Why does this delta exist? Because designers and engineers think differently. They have different responsibilities, strengths, obsessions, and tools. They speak distinct languages. The solution is not for everyone to conform; nor is it to prioritize one at the expense of the other.

Out of the chaos, Supernova was born.

What started out as a side gig of our CEO, Jiri Trecak, to automate the tedium in product development quickly evolved into Supernova Studio, a tool capable of converting designs to full, production-ready code -- which evolved into what Supernova is today, the first fully code-enabled design system manager that allows total flexibility when it comes to design input and code output.

Supernova reinforces the best, most generative possibilities of the product design workflow. Because the truth is:

  • Designers and developers have a shared mission: to deliver incredible products to their customers.
  • As two sides of the same coin, they need tools that help them break down the communication barrier—to launch faster than ever before.

Now, designers and developers can finally work in sync, eliminate handoffs, erase design and development debt, and focus on the best aspects of their craft. No work slips through the cracks. When everyone has the ability to pursue excellence, the whole team is stronger than the sum of its parts. We are the driving force behind this design-to-code revolution. Let’s do this.


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