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Supernova provides an end-to-end solution to deliver production-ready code for design system elements like colors, fonts or components to your codebases, automatically. With Supernova, developers and their codebases are treated like first-class citizens.

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Introducing Design Continuous Delivery™

Delivering production-ready code for even the simplest elements - like colors - is an involved and time-consuming task that requires cobbling together multiple services and tools. This falls apart as soon as requirements or the tech stack change - and that happens all the time, of course.

Supernova is the first Design Continuous Delivery system, providing an automated platform for delivering code for any framework or tech stack without the need to build your own custom infrastructure.

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Supernova's exporters - NPM-like packages that define how code should be generated from your design system data - are game-changers. Get started with pre-built exporters for all popular platforms and frameworks - like React, Flutter, Angular, and native mobile stacks.

Don't see your platform? Don't like the decisions we've made about how code is formatted? No problem. Supernova is different from code generation solutions of the past - it's fully templated and open, and thus easily adaptable to your needs.

You can even export code for proprietary technologies that conventional tools can't support.

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With Supernova's tight Visual Studio Code integration, you can run any exporter package and get updated code for any element in the design system - right from the VS Code interface.

You can set up the configuration for each of your projects and codebases independently so all developers get access to design system data on demand.

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Automate your code delivery with hooks and observers

Keeping everyone and everything in sync is vital for efficient product delivery. Supernova can trigger code builds automatically on your behalf when elements in your design system change or a new version is published.

Register multiple exporters with multiple observers and distribute code automatically to all your platforms and teams - at the same time.

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One platform to keep

all your design system code

up to date

With Supernova, you get access to clear, structured data describing all your design system elements, and the ability to automatically export them as you like - whether it's a CSS code, Flutter themes, React style definitions or anything else you can imagine.

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