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Production-ready assets

and code, on demand

Forget tedious exporting of icons, figuring out what hex codes to use for a specific color, or how you define a specific text style. Supernova automates the delivery of asset sets, style libraries and design tokens for you, end-to-end.

Transform design, automatically

Use powerful, fully customizable transformation exporters to convert design data into code or assets, for any tech stack or platform you use - even multiple at once.

Deliver to most popular platforms with a click

Start with pre-made integrations for all of the most common platforms, such as iOS, Android, React Web, React Native, Flutter and more. Customize the delivery so it fits your needs and company standards.

Don't see your platform supported?
 No problem!

Supernova's code exporters are open, forkable and can be written entirely from scratch if needed - like NPM packages, they can be hosted on Github and community-developed as well.

So whether you just need a few formatting tweaks to a supplied exporter, or you need to use a marginal or proprietary technology that nobody else supports, now you can bring first-class tools and workflows there for the first time.

Automate delivery

Connect Figma files, set up hooks and watch how the tokens, styles, icons, components and documentation gets delivered end-to-end to your codebases, automatically.

Event observers that watch your design system and trigger code builds with every published change
Unlimited parallel targets - delivery of code to multiple platforms at the same time, from the same design system
Support for automatic pull requests opened in your repositories on your behalf

Enhance your native VS Code experience

Use the powerful VS Code Supernova extension to use your design system data right inside your favorite IDE.

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