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Code Generation


End the artificial siloing. Connect your entire product team with a code-enabled design system manager that allows designers and developers to share the same design elements across tools —
in real time.

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Skip handoff entirely. Reimagine the possibilities for your next release.

Collaborate with designers in real time

Eliminate errors across design to build workflows by sharing code-enabled design elements across design and development tools.

Export for any platform, language, or architecture

With blueprints, export the code you need. Customize how code is generated and structured, and share your blueprints with the community.

Seamless fit with any developer workflow

Integrate into build pipelines with a powerful API. Losslessly merge generated and handwritten code for an iterative development workflow.

designer-developer collaboration

Developers can use all code-enabled components, tokens, themes, and styles from Supernova in their production environment of choice — while designers can use those same design elements to create new prototypes in real time.


Code-enabled components

With Supernova, designers can start their next project with pixel-perfect components that maintain your full production-ready code.

Merge with existing code

Seamlessly merge handwritten code with generated code across build iterations with Supernova's customizable code portals.

Customize code export

Create your own exporters or choose from ready-made templates. Style blueprints to render code matching your semantic preferences.

Explore build automation

Further extend Supernova’s exporters with webhooks and API calls to automate even more of the boring stuff in your workflow.

Maintain full control

Configure Supernova with your libraries and tech stack for enterprise-level compliance and security. No forcing of certain standards or SDK lockdown — ever.

With Supernova, designers can start their next project with pixel-perfect components that maintain your full production-ready code.

External build API
Hot reload
Extensive error handling
Dynamic token & component code rendering
Portals: nondestructive code-gen
Blueprints: powerful code-gen templating

Explore exporters

View existing exporters or begin to build your own entirely customizable one.

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