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Design System Management

Design systems that

benefit everyone

Create a place where all your scattered teams meet — and turn it into one common ground that everyone understands and benefits from.

 from Figma, automatically

Connect your design system to an unlimited number of design files that are automatically observed for published changes — and make all your design data available to everyone with a single click.

Create documentation that does your design system justice

Documentation, in many cases, IS the design system — a single place where everyone meets and references design truth. It is vital to driving awareness and adoption across the organization.

Supernova combines a powerful design-enabled docs editor with the industry's most flexible publishing engine, so you can create exactly the documentation you have envisioned, always up-to-date.

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Realize the Promise of Design Tokens

Token and style libraries are at the very heart of your brand. Use our state-of-the-art token manager to maintain and distribute them to any destination, without having to create and maintain your own solutions.


Build Component Libraries

Import component libraries, enhance them with code and expose them through your documentation to provide all team members with the data they need.

Distribute Assets and Resources

Maintain your asset sets and icon libraries in one place - developers can access them all from Supernova's cloud interface, directly from within your documentation, or even automate the delivery of assets via pull requests.


Your Data

There is no "one size fits all" with design systems - organization has different approaches and needs. Supernova does not limit you — everything is extensible. Tie everything together and add the extra information you need to each element.


 Different Versions

Not all teams need to be working on the bleeding edge of your efforts. With Supernova, you can publish versions of your design system so every team can adopt changes at their own velocities.

Tokens, assets, components, docs — all together in version snapshots so workflows remain undisrupted.

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