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We've built Supernova as a modular system. Want to use only design tokens? You can. Need automation and code delivery? Add that when the time is right. Or use documentation as a starting point for a new design system, to sketch out ideas and structure first - that's fine too.

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    Figma Integration

    Figma integration to synchronize and maintain sets of design tokens, styles and typography coming from Figma and to provide a design window into the Supernova world
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    Token Referencing

    Have multiple tokens with different names and purposes, but with the same value? Use referencing to keep semantic connections between tokens, so you can update them all at once and use references in the code
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    Token import and re-import

    Automatic import of all design system styling elements from Figma styles and re-import when things change, to keep your design system in sync
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    Import diffs

    The view into what was added, removed and changed at import and re-import time, right inside the design tool extensions
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    Atomic Tokens

    Support for all types of atomic tokens, including those not natively available in Figma - Fonts, Colors, Gradients, Borders, Shadows, Radii, Measures, Text and Typography
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    Global Font Tokens and Typography

    Typography objects that designers love to use in both Figma and Sketch, with extra ability to define global fonts and attributes that multiple typography entities share
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    Text Tokens

    Custom text tokens that define specific labels in an application, making it easy to define and test localisations at design time
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    Measure Tokens

    Measure tokens describe specific numeric values - e.g., pt, px, em or even completely custom ones - useful for grid and layout definition
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    Non-design-time Tokens

    Not all design tokens needs to be present in design tools - with Supernova, it is possible to define non-design-time tokens that are only available for the documentation and code export
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    Custom Organization and Grouping

    Customize and organize design system elements to your liking, using custom naming, custom grouping, ability to nest groups and more
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    Custom Fonts

    Upload custom fonts if the Google Font library is not enough, making them available for the entire product team
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    Google Fonts

    All typography and font objects have access to the Google font library, so you don't have to upload each basic font separately

The future of design systems

Shines bright like a Supernova

Supernova is currently in Early Access and we are phasing the releases of certain features that we already internally test and use, but need a little more time to polish - we take pride in the quality of what we deliver to our users, even in Early Access. That being said, here is a sneak peek of what's coming in 2021.


If you are a company with a specific need for the features below, we would love to talk with you and see if we can give you access sooner

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Coming Soon

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    Documentation (releasing soon)

    Full documentation engine that dynamically updates its content based on design data, made specifically with design systems in mind.
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    Sketch Integration

    Currently, Supernova fully supports and works with Figma libraries and we will bring the same experience to Sketch users as well.
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    Component Management

    Similar to advanced management of tokens and styles, Supernova will bring full management of components with some features you never experienced before. Of course, tight integration with engineering teams is given.
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    Design System Sandbox and much more

    We are keeping some features strictly secret even from our most devoted early access users to blow your mind on release. If you have ideas on what you would love to see in Supernova, let us know right away via our feature request portal, and maybe we can make your dreams come true!

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