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We've built Supernova as a modular system. Want to use only design tokens? You can. Need automation and code delivery? Add that when the time is right. Or use documentation as a starting point for a new design system, to sketch out ideas and structure first - that's fine too.

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    System of packages that define how the code generation will translate design data into the codebase. Exporter are similar to NPM packages that developers already understand
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    Visual Studio Code integration

    Robust VS Code integration allows developers to get information about every design element right from their favorite IDE - and synchronise codebases locally with a click of a button
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    Templating and programming language to built exporter packages - allows you to customize the export procedures that translate your design elements to code - down to the last character
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    Exporter Store

    Browse all export procedures that were created either by Supernova staff or the developer community at-large - for free. Install and use right away from the Store, or customize to your needs
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    Multi-platform Code Export

    Running tech stacks with multiple platforms? Supernova can distribute production-ready code for multiple platforms and multiple codebases at the same time
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    Design Continuous Delivery™

    Supernova brings the concept of Design Continuous Delivery to life - allowing you to get production-ready code for a specific design system on demand, in response to changes designers make, without worrying about setting up complicated tech stacks
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    Style dictionary Exporter

    Using Style Dictionary or have a custom stack that depends on it and can't use the Supernova export engine alone? Use the Style Dictionary exporter to export your data from Supernova design systems - available in the Exporter Store
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    Web and Mobile Exporters

    Supernova's Exporter Store comes with pre-built exporters for the most common web and mobile technologies, such as iOS, Android, React, Angular, CSS, TS and more - ready to run out of the box and get production-ready code right away
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    Private Exporters

    Exporters can be built in private - for example, for proprietary technologies. Private exporters are available within an organization, but never outside it
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    Exporter Cloning and Customization

    Existing exporters can be cloned and customized down to the last character - if you like what you see but it doesn't exactly fit your coding style, simply change it for your personal use by making a modified copy
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    Changes and contributions to design systems can be observed and exporters can automatically run based on the observed events - delivering the code to your codebase automatically as designers evolve the design system
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    All generated code is always available on the Cloud and can be accessed at a moment's notice, for historical and backup purposes, for all your target platforms
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    Delivery API

    Supernova brings a secure and robust delivery mechanism for your code and makes it available through an API - so you can use the generated code in your codebase right away the way you want
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    Developer Community

    Exporters are a powerful technology - but their true power comes from our developer community, building and improving the exporter packages for all the platforms developers love to use
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    Cloud Exporter Playground

    With the exporter playground, you can test exporters against your design system without the need to integrate with your codebase - simply install and run them in the cloud sandboxed environment to see what code they can produce

The future of design systems

Shines bright like a Supernova

Supernova is currently in Early Access and we are phasing the releases of certain features that we already internally test and use, but need a little more time to polish - we take pride in the quality of what we deliver to our users, even in Early Access. That being said, here is a sneak peek of what's coming in 2021.


If you are a company with a specific need for the features below, we would love to talk with you and see if we can give you access sooner

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Coming Soon

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    Documentation (releasing soon)

    Full documentation engine that dynamically updates its content based on design data, made specifically with design systems in mind.
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    Sketch Integration

    Currently, Supernova fully supports and works with Figma libraries and we will bring the same experience to Sketch users as well.
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    Component Management

    Similarly to advanced management of tokens and styles, Supernova will bring full management of components with some features that you never experienced before. Of course, tight integration with engineering teams is a given.
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    Design System Sandbox and much more

    We are keeping some features under strict secrecy even from our most devoted early access users to blow your mind on release.

    If somes ideas on what you would love to see in Supernova, let us know right away via our feature request portal, and maybe we will make your dreams come true!

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