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Supercharge your design, product, marketing and engineering workflows and build design systems that last and grow with you, automatically.

Empower your process

Use your favorite tools like Figma or VS Code to craft your design system in familiar environments — and Supernova will make sure they work together properly.

Replace brittle, cobbled solutions

Managing a custom design system toolchain requires a lot of effort and resources. With Supernova's end-to-end automation pipeline, you only focus on building a great design system.

Build a true single source of truth

Supernova treats data from designers and developers equally — so your team can benefit from your design system equally as well. No need to bridge the gap — if there is no gap.


Pull in design system information from your favorite tools

Manage tokens, assets, components and documentation in one place

Use our powerful export pipeline to deliver design system data anywhere

Adopt exactly what you need

With our completely modular system, you can use as little or as much of Supernova as you need and add more as the team and company requirements grow.

Automate time-consuming tasks

Design systems are all about efficiency. Supernova brings design system automation to all parts of the product process — reducing human error, making your teams more efficient and vastly lowering the cost of ongoing maintenance.

Future-proof your product tooling choices

Let's face it — the hot tech stack or design tool you use today may be out of favor in a few years. Then you'll face a painful migration — we've all been through it.

Supernova is an oasis where your design truth can rest, and you can easily add new imports and exports as connected tooling evolves.

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