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Release Notes


Released 21 JANUARY, 2022

Release #52

RELEASED 21 Jan, 2022

New Features

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    Image Pasting

    You can now paste images that have been copied from other rich text editors directly into Supernova Docs!

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    Triple Click

    You can now use triple-click functionality everywhere in Supernova, including your Docs!


  • Switching between Docs pages autofocuses the Page content now.
  • Assets and Figma Frame blocks do not force any background color on you anymore.
  • You can now search through Figma Frames using fuzzy search.
  • Import dialog contains the import checklist now.
  • Inviting people on Company plan shows you the number of available seats right away.
  • Source page header description was improved.
  • Team tab properly refreshes when a role change occurs.


  • Links in your Docs are exported properly.
  • Pressing Enter takes you to the next onboarding step properly now.
  • Accepting a Workspace invitation with email address containing a + sign no longer throws Incorrect Email error.
  • All invited users are now forwarded to Sign Up page.
  • Uploading an image that is bigger than 10 MB no longer causes Image block to load indefinitely.
  • Banner images on Exporter detail are loaded properly now.
  • Resolved an issue when searching through specific Figma Assets that crashed the search.
  • Accessing Learn menu works properly in User profile now.

Release #49

RELEASED 11 Jan, 2022

New Features

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    Rich content pasting

    It's now possible to paste in richly-formatted content copied from external web sources including other popular online document editors - this makes migration of content to Supernova much easier!

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    Clearer onboarding

    We've streamlined the onboarding process to get you working with your design system faster.

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    It's easier to change block types in the Documentation Editor

    The formatting bar in the Documentation Editor now provides one-click conversion of text blocks from one type to another - e.g., changing heading levels, etc.

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    Hooks can now be triggered manually and upon creation

    Sometimes you want to fire a hook manually in order to test it out. Also, it's common to want a hook to fire one time when it is first created as well. Now both of these are possible.


  • It's now possible to delete your user profile from the UI without contacting Support
  • Builds and Hooks now remember the last delivery option you used
  • Free plans can now create one hook to try out this powerful feature without a paid plan
  • Adding new users to workspaces on various plans is now clearer in terms of billing impacts
  • When a design source is linked to a design system, it now also automatically gets linked as a documentation source as well so you can embed content from it more easily
  • More selection and arrow key navigation shortcuts have been added to the Documentation Editor
  • The documentation default template now has a helpful outline of a typical design system document, and less content to have to delete in order to start your own
  • Removed an unnecessary confirmation when deleting page groups in the Documentation Editor
  • Fixed an issue where context menus on tabs were excessively wide when opened on tabs with very long names


  • Reviewers role now interacts properly with Team tab in workspace settings
  • Fixed a bug where Storybook embeds were interfering with rendering of code blocks on the same page
  • Some types of Figma embed links were not working - this has now been fixed
  • Some tooltip colors were getting lost in the background - they now display with better contrast
  • Page titles erroneously allowed multiline entry - this has now been corrected
  • Invited first-time team members are now properly sent to Sign Up instead of Sign In

Release #47

RELEASED 16 Dec, 2021

New Features

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    New Design!

    In order to improve your overall experience with Supernova, we have re-thought the information architecture a bit on Cloud. The new design is clearer, more compact and allows you to be even more productive!


  • You can now reorder tabs in documentation pages by drag and drop.
  • Significantly improved documentation editor performance.
  • Asset download UX has been improved.
  • Right clicking on empty group displays "Delete" instead "Ungroup".
  • Cloud can now import multiple shadow styles and fills from Figma.
  • Trying to invite an Admin or Editor into downgraded Workspace shows the proper upgrade prompt now.


  • If Asset download fails, the proper error page is displayed.
  • Number of seats displays properly after switching user role on Team tab.
  • Adding a link in Docs through rich text editing bar works properly.
  • Resolved the issue when trying to set a hook with a branch containing "supernova" in its name.
  • If the workspace plan is downgraded to a free one, the downgrade button is no longer present.
  • Code and Live Code Docs blocks do not stretch infinitely and have a maximum height now.
  • Documentation Figma files properly refresh after Figma reauthorization.
  • Gradient styles with opacity applied to their whole style import properly now.

Hotfix Release #45

RELEASED 29 Nov, 2021

New Features

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    General Improvements

    No new features this time — "just" quality improvements for you. Check back next week!


  • Is it now possible to reorder Docs pages and groups by drag & drop in tabbed view as well.


  • Input fields in Token dialogs do not overflow anymore when removing their values.

Release #44

RELEASED 26 Nov, 2021

New Features

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    Supernova now supports multi-brand design systems in the paid plans! When multi-brand is enabled in your design system, then elements with the same naming and grouping can be imported from separate Figma sources per brand and they will be associated in Supernova. This allows you to, for instance, export the same token for different branded values, switch brands on fly in the documentation and other. And it is just the beginning - lots more brand functionality coming your way!

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    Asset Exporters

    We have added a new category of exporters - Assets! You can now export your exportable assets from Figma directly to your codebases, using our powerful pipeline. We have also prepared several exporters for you - PNG, SVG, PDF, with multiple formats and structures for different platforms - such as iOS catalogue exporter, android and react exporter and others. Of course, you can always modify it to your liking as well!

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    Tabbed pages

    We added tabbed pages to our Docs, alongside regular pages and groups. A tabbed page functions as a regular page, but it has tabs at the top. Each tab shows its own content page. The tabbed pages show up in the left panel as regular pages, but they can be expanded to show their tabs. We have also added ton of functionality to the docs to make page manipulation easier.

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    Documentation page headers

    Documentation just got super versatile page headers! Customization options include the ability to set hero or cover image, set the custom overlay, text alignment of the header, the description of the header, vertical size of the header and much more. Check it out!

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    Custom documentation exporters for Team plans

    We removed the custom documentation exporter restrictions for the Team plan. This means that custom exporters are now not limited to Company plan only - Team plan users can have them now as well!

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    Branded Exporters

    Our exporter technology got extended and now allows you to create exporters that react to specific brand. We have also added new functions, 'ds.currentBrand()' and 'ds.allBrands()' to give you access to currently exported brand. You can additionally select hooks, builds and VSCode configuration so the export targets a specific brand.


  • Invite dialog now shows the extra amount you will be charged per seat for new users.
  • Text styles from Figma containing different styles for each character are now parsed properly.
  • Greatly improved the performance for live code blocks in Docs.
  • Removed the image lightbox in published Docs, because it created an undesirable behavior for most of you.
  • You can now set whether you want to show Frame titles in the Docs or not.
  • We changed Workspace Settings for Company plans.
  • VSCode extension will now only work for editor level role and above. This prevents random viewers of design system from running export and accessing data that were not meant for them.
  • Documentation design has greatly polished
  • Documentation layout, element spacing and page responsiveness has been significantly improved


  • Code previews are working properly on Firefox.
  • If your authorization token expires, Cloud no longer throws errors on all operations until page refresh.
  • Removing Design System, creating a new one with the same name and republishing Documentation no longer causes the deployment to fail.
  • Creating a new Docs Page while editing some other Docs Page name no longer throws 404 error.
  • Selecting Docs blocks with dragging works properly now & it is now possible to select only one block as well.
  • Company logo in published Docs cannot overflow the header anymore.
  • Fixed time delay when selecting multiple text fields.
  • Nested tokens are properly published now inside your documentation pages.
  • Tutorial video no longer resets to the beginning when resizing the browser window.
  • The remaining seats after inviting a new Admin or Editor refreshes immediately without having to manually refresh the Cloud now.
  • Reviewers are no longer able to access Team tab.
  • Code blocks can use Cyrillic and other specific language characters properly now.

Release #41

RELEASED 5 Nov, 2021

New Features

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    General improvements

    No new features this time — "just" quality improvements for you. Check back next week!


  • All blocks that are not interactive in Docs editor show non-interactive state now.
  • Embed blocks can be resized now.


  • "Get Support" leads to the proper page after website redesign.
  • Creating new aliases no longer throws an error.
  • It is no longer possible to scroll through Documentation by clicking into it and dragging.
  • Figma and YouTube blocks do not blink while scrolling through the Docs page anymore.

Release #40

RELEASED 28 Oct, 2021

New Features

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    Onboarding after import

    Once you finish importing your Figma file, you are now presented with a helpful onboarding guide to make sure you know what you can do next, and you do not miss important features, like Documentation and the full power of Code Integration.


  • When editing docs, changing the number of Figma frames or assets in a set to 1 automatically changes its size to 100%.
  • Docs are using the same authorization as Cloud now, which means that you no longer have to login twice.
  • Custom docs properties can now contain color and typography tokens!
  • Using the default docs exporter, clicking on the logo in the upper left when viewing docs navigates you to the landing page of the exported docs site.
  • Assets and Embed blocks display properly in the documentation now.
  • Figma, Storybook and embed blocks maintain the same size as in the editor.


  • Adding Blur tokens into your documentation no longer results in deployment fail when trying to publish Docs.

Release #38

RELEASED 14 Oct, 2021

New Features

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    Azure Integration

    We added Azure DevOps integration, which means you can now connect Supernova with your Azure account and create a PR on a specified Azure repository once your builds finish.

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    You can now add Assets to your documentation! Asset blocks display imported Components which were marked as exportable in Figma.

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    Blur Tokens

    Supernova can now create and import Blur tokens into Supernova. These tokens can be used for layers or backgrounds.

  • icon
    Inner Shadows

    We expanded Shadow tokens which can represent inner shadows now as well.

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    Generic Embeds in Docs

    We've added a new block type that lets you embed anything in an iframe in your docs - which opens up a lot of possibilities and flexibility.

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    Pulsar SDK Improvements

    Blurs, shadows and assets are now available for export! A new set of asset functions is available in the Pulsar SDK. Also, exporter debugging capabilities have been significantly improved.


  • Build & Hook dialogs now accept "-" as a valid character.
  • Exporters now display the full description from their GitHub repository.
  • You can use drag and drop in Shortcut blocks in the documentation editor now.
  • Image blocks have a minimum size now.
  • We've renamed the old embed block style to Link Blocks to make way for "real" iframe embeds (see below!).


  • Trying to accept invite while being logged into different account no longer throws the 500 error.
  • Invite team members dialog now prominently notes that additional seats will be charged.
  • Trying to access your published Docs with incorrect credentials no longer fails, blocking you from signing in.
  • Build & Hook dialogs now reload properly when authenticating into GitHub.
  • Fixed typo in the import dialog.
  • Removing a design system that was used in existing Build or Hook no longer causes Code Integration tab to become inaccessible.
  • Reviewer role is no longer able to access the page for linking Figma files.
  • Uploading SVG images into Image blocks no longer causes them to turn invisible.
  • Adding frames to a Frame block with natural height alignment no longer results in tiny frames wrapping the progress indicators.
  • All token blocks inside exported documentation have been fixed for both list and detail mode - shadows, borders, etc. now render better.

Release #36

RELEASED 29 Sep, 2021

New Features

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    Live Component Blocks

    Documentation gets a new Live Component block that allows you to embed running code- so you can show live, interactive components quickly without Storybook!


  • Figma frame blocks can be split up to 8 columns now and their alignment can be changed.
  • Build and Hook dialogs now have 2 steps in order to make UI less crowded.
  • All the scroll views on Cloud are horizontally extended all the way and scroll bars appear on the side.
  • Figma, Storybook and Live Component embed blocks can be resized.


  • Fixed an issue where Cloud could freeze randomly when editing a documentation page or group name.
  • Styles in nested Figma components are now importing properly.

Release #35

RELEASED 23 Sep, 2021

New Features

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    General Improvements

    No new features this time — "just" quality improvements for you. Check back next week!


  • Plan page now shows a more accurate description for the monthly payment.


  • Token descriptions are properly updated now.
  • Changing a Figma design name properly updates in the Cloud now.
  • Fixed the issue with the Downgrade button.
  • Invite dialog with multiple emails properly re-shuffles emails now if any of them are deleted.
  • Reviewer role is unable to access Plans page now.
  • Invoices can be properly downloaded now.

Release #34 - Soft Launch

RELEASED 16 Sep, 2021

New Features

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    Open for Business!

    We are now leaving Early Access (thank you everyone who participated!), and it's now possible to upgrade to Team and Company plans. All current workspaces will revert to the Personal (free) plan unless you've been in contact with our Sales team already and made other arrangements. If not, we hope you'll visit the Plan tab in your workspace settings and sign up for Team, or contact to gain the advantages of our enterprise offering!

  • icon
    User Roles

    Along with the new plan model, we've now created different user roles within your workspace - so the workspace owner, admins, content editors, and reviewers can be assigned and can access features appropriate to each role.

  • icon
    Storybook Blocks

    We are now offering the ability to directly insert interactive Storybook stories into your design system documentation. This much-requested feature is finally here!

  • icon
    Figma Frames Blocks

    It's now possible to import individual frames (or sets of frames) from any Figma document and insert them inline in your documentation! This allows you to create illustrations of scenarios, etc. that can be dynamically updated from Figma if they are changed.

  • icon

    Components that are marked for export in Figma now create Assets in Supernova. You can download them from the Assets tab - individually, in groups, or even all at once, in a variety formats and sizes. Keep an eye on this feature - automated delivery is coming soon...

  • icon
    Custom Documentation Blocks

    This is a revolutionary feature, and is already enabling use cases that are just not possible with other documentation tools. With Supernova, you can now define your own custom block types for use within your documentation. For instance, one customer wanted a "component health" badge that could be embedded into the documentation for each component, that queries an API to dynamically update the badge. This is now incredibly easy to build. Custom blocks not only render however you want them to in the exporter, but they also expose UI in the documentation editor for your docs authors to easily add and configure them any way you want. We can't wait to see all of the incredible things you do with this... please let us know!

  • icon
    Documentation Figma File Management

    To support the new Figma frames block in the documentation editor, there is a new section on the Figma tab that allows you to manage a set of documents (separate from your core design system sources) to use in the documentation.

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    Pulsar Overhaul

    We heard you, and we have undertaken a massive overhaul of the Pulsar exporter language, to bring it in close alignment with Javascript. While there are still the powerful templating features that make it a power tool for code generation, the syntax is readily accessible now to anyone with a reasonable grasp of Javascript. This simplifies coding, greatly shortens learning curve, and makes the code much more readable. Go show us what you can do with it!

  • icon
    Customer Exporter Properties

    It's now possible to add your own settings to documentation exporters - strings, numeric values, categoric selections, even the ability to select token values from your design system - fulfilling our promise to let you style your documentation easily using the design system itself! We will be adding a whole battery of styling parameters to the default documentation exporter soon, but it's also possible to fork that exporter and add your own properties right away.

  • icon
    Google Analytics and Intercom Tracking in Exported Documentation

    Now you can easily put your own Google Analytics or Intercom tracking keys into your deployed design system documentation - these are now available as options in the exporter settings.


  • We improved scrolling behavior around Code Preview in the Exporter Store
  • The default documentation exporter now produces responsive output, so your team will have a better experience reading on narrower windows and smaller screens
  • Performance of documentation exporters in the Pulsar engine is greatly improved and optimized
  • Token order is now preserved when importing from Figma
  • Exporter tags now show in the Installed tab
  • The selection and differentiation of documentation exporters in the Store is much improved
  • Component statistics are now shown during Figma import


  • We fixed a bug that sometimes caused problems with saving and publishing docs when certain changes were made to shortcut blocks
  • We fixed an issue that caused an error when importing very large Figma files
  • Shift + click text selection now works properly in the documentation editor
  • Large images are now aligned properly in the documentation editor when centered
  • We fixed the format of color token value display in the default exporter

EAP #32

RELEASED 1 Sep, 2021

New Features

  • icon
    Shortcut Block

    You can use the new Shortcut block in your documentation! Link between any documentation page or group or to any URL you want!


  • It is now possible to delete your Workspace. (If you really want to!)
  • You are now able to move between documentation blocks using left and right arrow keys.
  • We extended the area for drag-and-drop in the documentation editor.
  • Pressing Enter at the beginning of the Header block moves it downwards now.
  • Code blocks in documentation now have a fixed maximum height.


  • Multiselection does not select the content instantly on first pixel anymore in the documentation editor.
  • Embed blocks are properly aligned on export now.
  • Documentation exporters do not show the code preview anymore.
  • Fixed the hit area of the icons on Cloud.
  • You are able to select Page or Group with one click in segmented view in documentation.
  • You are now able to rename a Page or Group properly by clicking somewhere else while editing their names in the documentation editor.
  • Overriding numerical and boolean properties does not make the edit dialog taller anymore.
  • Build numbers in the build detail log now correspond to the proper build number.
  • Pasting text containing tabs into the documentation editor works properly now.

EAP #30

RELEASED 18 Aug, 2021

New Features

  • icon
    Introducing - Components!

    We have added a new Components tab that shows you the list of all the imported components in your design system. Imported components are read-only for now. This is just the first phase of component rollout, in preparation for more component capabilities coming soon!

  • icon
    Documentation UI For Tab View

    We changed the way the documentation editor displays UI for pages and groups in tab view. You are now able to distinguish between pages and groups easily.


  • Published documentation contains a Supernova logo by default now.
  • It is possible to navigate between documentation blocks with up/down arrows.
  • You are now able to publish documentation with tab view as well.
  • Documentation code blocks now have a maximum width.
  • Import summary now contains a link to a further explanation of Figma import.


  • Import summary now informs you correctly about the exact reasons why there are warnings or errors with your import.
  • You can again delete multiple blocks at once.
  • Builds and Hooks tabs display properly if there is no exporter installed.
  • Pressing Tab in code documentation blocks indents the line properly now.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally reset the documentation title with Cmd + S/ Ctrl + S.
  • Imported font summary has a space between font name and font weight.
  • Confirmation buttons in dialogs that require additional verification become active only when the confirmation field is properly filled.

EAP #28

RELEASED 4 Aug, 2021

New Features

  • icon
    Documentation editor sections

    We added new documentation editor sections. This means that you can either display your documentation nav as tabs or as a list. When toggled on, documentation sections appear in the top bar and work as a filter on the left column.

  • icon
    Divider block

    We added a new Divider block to our documentation. Divide your sections easily and improve their readability even further!

  • icon
    Documentation settings

    In order to bring you more flexibility and customization, we added a new Documentation Settings page, which lets you select which exporter you want to use when publishing your documentation.


  • The values of custom token properties are now shown inside of the Token group blocks.


  • Undo and Redo shortcuts in documentation now work according to your keyboard layout.
  • It is possible to download fonts from the Assets tab in Google Chrome now.
  • It is no longer possible to edit imported token name or description.
  • Embed block in documentation now loads the title of the links properly.
  • Deleting a page in documentation selects another page automatically.
  • Caption in image block now respects image alignment.
  • Removed unnecessary text columns from embed blocks.
  • It is possible to remove the first line after a header.
  • Cancel button no longer remains active after dialog confirmation.
  • Visiting a URL with removed parameters no longer throws "unable to load" error.
  • The padding of the description on the Exporter Store page is now correct.
  • Search on custom properties page searches through the numerical values now.
  • Fixed the size of the clickable space for Figma and YouTube blocks.
  • Design System Settings page is scrollable on smaller screens now.

EAP #26

RELEASED 21 Jul, 2021

New Features

  • icon
    Design System Documentation!

    We added a new documentation system. You are now able to create and manage your own design system documentation with interactive blocks that can reference your tokens and are dynamically updated if you make any changes. Documentation can be published and can be accessed by all members of your team. If you create a new design system, default documentation is created automatically for you to make sure you can jump into it and start as quickly as possible.

  • icon
    Custom Token Properties

    We introduced new custom token properties. You are now able to create Boolean, Generic, Number and Text properties for your tokens. Token properties can be overridden and you are able to access them through the code in your VS Code extension.


  • The design in the left panel is significantly improved and allows you to see your Token groups more intuitively.
  • Tutorial links are no longer showing in all Token types after linking your Figma file.
  • Cloud properly handles the linking of the duplicate Figma files now.
  • It is now possible to trigger a Hook with source update.
  • We have improved a versioning format.


  • Create Alias tooltips are properly aligned in Cloud and Plugin now.
  • Empty Token Groups are now properly deleted when relinking the design.
  • The build log appears properly for all failed builds now.
  • Improved the validation error when creating a new Workspace to make sure it informs you about all invalid states.
  • We fixed the issue when it was possible to block the window by pressing "View Log" when the Build was building.
  • Users whose email contains "+" are no longer receiving an error message after clicking on the invite link.
  • Tooltips in new Build & Hook dialogs are correct now.
  • Correct error message now appears when you close the GitHub authentication window.
  • You can now properly view Hook with enabled Pull Request.
  • VS Code extension now properly appears in newly installed VS Code.
  • "Versions" is properly selected now when you are creating a new Version now.

EAP #22

RELEASED 23 Jun, 2021

New Features

  • icon
    Plugin import improvements

    Plugin now imports your styles in the same way as Cloud.

  • icon
    Mobile responsivity

    We made sure that all relevant pages display properly on mobile devices.


  • It is not possible to dismiss the Import dialog on Cloud by pressing Escape anymore.
  • You are now able to create referenced Token properly.