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Tightly sync the design and code of all your components, tokens, patterns, and themes. Use Supernova universally across teams, tools, and platforms — in real time.

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Designers & developers

Trying to get design
system buy-in?

If your brand is ready to confront the digital sprawl, you're in the right place.

Designers & Developers

Drive Co-creation
across teams

Boost visibility by connecting DevOps & DesignOps. With Supernova, designers work seamlessly across multiple design environments. Developers convert every component, style, and screen in customizable front-end code for multiple platforms with a click.

For Developers

Build consistency
across platforms

Don't settle for snippets. Supernova is powered by a customizable front-end
code-gen engine ready for large production environments.

(or build your own exporter for any language)

Explore Code Generation


Instantly convert design elements from your design system into pixel-perfect front-end code ready for the multiple architectures, languages, and platforms you need for production.


Configure blueprints to match your unique styling and standards for code generation. Build portals in Supernova to insert API calls, custom code, and beyond.

For designers

Design systems
at scale

Collaborate more efficiently. Sync design and code tightly with complete versioning at both the design- and component-level — for use across all major design tools.

Explore Design System Manager

across tools

Welcome to design system freedom. Install the Supernova plugin to utilize and share components, tokens, styles, and themes across Figma & Sketch.

For Stakeholders

Design & Dev

Get cross-functional teams on the same page with
a design system manager that truly keeps code up to date
with design across tools and platforms.

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Connect DesignOps
and DevOps tools


theming & components

Advanced component

& pattern library

Design tokens


Supernova is the best, most usable and technically-credible code generation tool I’ve seen in twenty years.

Andy Dent, Founder & CEO of Touchgram

How to Get Design System Buy-In

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