Supernova for DesignOps

Streamline your design processes and break down team silos with a truly connected design system using Supernova.

Helping companies scale their design operations

Streamline your design operations

Supernova helps you organize your DesignOps from one place. Import and manage all your design data in real-time, document all your processes with dedicated integrations, and automate the delivery process to your developers.

Ensure design consistency with centralized documentation

Eliminate guesswork and improve collaboration across your entire team. Stay on brand and ensure consistency with centralized documentation that houses your processes, designs, and engineering documentation together.

Connect directly with your Figma components and tokens, generate live code samples, and more.

Maximize efficiency with real-time design updates

Spend less time maintaining your design system documentation and focus on what really matters with automatic updates directly from Figma.

Automate delivery to your dev enivornment

Use hooks and triggers to let Supernova listen to changes in your connected design files and automatically deliver them to your dev tooling of choice — whether you use GitHub, Azure DevOps, Gitlab, BitBucket, or customized REST end-point.

Export your design decisions to any output you need

Turn your assets, style libraries, and design tokens into code with a suite of pre-made integrations like CSS, React Web, React Native, Flutter, iOS, Android, and more.

Scale comfortably as you grow

Supernova gives you the tools you need to grow. While other tools become taxing the more mature your design organization is, Supernova flourishes. Tailor it to your design operations with support for theming, multi-brand design systems, and the ability to manage more than one design system from the same place.

Tailor your design system to your organization

Supernova lets you get under the hood and create a truly tailored and unique experience that suits your organization. Customize documentation theming, blocks, exporters, management metrics, and much more.

Manage multiple design systems or brands seamlessly

Do you have more design systems or multiple brands? Supernova is ready to scale when you are — you can have as many design systems in the workspace as you want.

Safely govern and secure your design system

Assign roles, make your documentation public or private, and give your team quick access to Supernova through your identity provider using SAML-based single sign-on (SSO).

Get real-time insights and data to inform your design decisions

Make data-driven decisions on your design system and design operations by integrating your favorite third-party analytics tools.

Get started with Supernova today

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Helping teams build and grow their design systems with ease

This is the tool to use to help push your engineering and design teams togethers. As far as I'm aware, fully automating design changes in figma all the way to deployment is cutting edge and either done through a fully custom build pipeline or via Supernova.

Stefan Keranov

Co-Founder & Engineering

If you love Figma's approach to fast, iterative development you will love Supernova.

Their team is engaging in feedback, their discord channel, and even asking to rate future features. Aside from that, the product is easy to set up and use.

Andrew Cetnarskyj

Design Systems Designer

Supernova is our source of truth for managing and documenting our Design System at TheFork, and I have to admit that version 2.0 is a real game changer.

The live collaboration, new ergonomics, and responsiveness of the team make it a tool I can't recommend highly enough.

Thomas Lautrédou

Senior System Designer

Supernova is enabling the Huspy team to grow with a source of truth that can easily be updated by multiple collaborators.

Engagement with the documentation has been a true indicator of how useful this tool is for us.

Eduardo Sousa Tello

Senior Product Designer

Supernova is a more modern and complete platform than what we’ve previously used. All the support we’ve received since our arrival shows just how much better it is to be here. Thanks to the Supernova team.

Renato Michalischen

Design Ops Lead

Supernova is a tool that really understands the needs of design systems creators. We’ve had no fun in the past working with other tools’ documentation, but that’s all changed now. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and offers many opportunities to scale in the future.

As a single source of truth, it is mind-blowing, efficient, fast, and highly customizable. They also listen to their customers and prioritize their roadmaps to fit their needs which is a great bonus.

Matthias Fritsch

Design Lead

We put a few design system documentation products through a feature review versus our own hand-rolled option, and found Supernova to be the most valuable for our design system needs.

Bethany Shwanke

Principal Designer, ex-IBM Carbon

Supernova has massively helped allow the wider org to understand the value of our design system and its importance to the org.

John Atkins

Design System Lead

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