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Streamline your design processes and break down team silos with a truly connected design system using Supernova.

One tool to manage and document your design systems

Supernova is built for your entire design system workflow. Manage design tokens. Import tokens, components, and assets directly from Figma. Define multiple themes and brands.

A single source of truth for your teams

Bring all your brand, design and engineering documentation into a single user-friendly place where everyone can find it.

Get buy-in

Get your team onboard quicker by integrating directly into your workflow with support for your favorite tools.

Scale easier

Easily scale design systems across multiple brands, products, and themes with a 30% reduction* in duplication efforts.

Streamline workflows

Accelerate adoption and product delivery with a single source of truth for your team. Save 10+ hours/week per team through next-level documentation and automated token-to-code delivery.

*Estimates from user data and Future of Design Tokens survey

Navigating Adoption: Overcoming Design System Challenges

Learn all about the common challenges teams face when adopting a design systems and practical solutions to overcome them in our second blog on design system adoption.

Navigating Adoption: Tracking With Supernova and Google Analytics

Learn how to measure design system adoption with Supernova and Google Analytics in the fourth article of our Navigating Adoption series. Track key metrics such as traffic, engagement, and more.

Navigating Adoption: Understanding Developer Needs

In our final blog post of the Navigating Adoption series, learn how to get developers involved and invested in your design system.

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