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Our values


Each team member is valued and it's their drive and passion that contribute to the full picture. Without it, there is no Supernova.


Product teams strive to create products of the highest quality. If we want to succeed in making a tool that helps them to take it to the next level, then anything below brilliant is not enough. We challenge everyone on the team to push the limit of what is possible.


No individual will ever outperform a great team that loves working together - and we take great care to ensure we work like clockwork. No unnecessary meetings, only honest and productive discussions, a lot of focus time, and a ton of fun in the process because of it.


We come up with piles of great ideas balanced out by an equal number of not-so-great ones. Being able to talk deeply and without ego allows us to do great things together quickly.

What Supernova folks say

Product Designer

I'm able to work with amazingly talented people with a curious mindset and the biggest drive to help and empower our users.


Working on the product with so much potential with all these awesome and super-skilled people? Yes, please!


Supernova is a place where you solve really challenging problems together with a bunch of nice and friendly people.

Growth Marketer

It's a great opportunity to learn more and develop my expertise and knowledge in design systems. Leadership is always available and open to mentorship.


The Supernova team is open-minded and flexible. Everyone works together to achieve our goals and create the best product possible.

Customer Success

I love collaborating with everyone on the team. We focus on solving problems for our customers and leaving egos at the door.

The mission

We are on track to help designers, developers, product managers, and everyone contributing to product development build their products faster, more efficiently and bring back joy to the craft that has been lost for too long.

Jiri Trecak
Founder & CEO

Perks and benefits

  • Competitive salary & equity
  • Up-to-you work schedule
  • Top-notch equipment
  • Mental health benefits
  • Wellness benefits
  • 25 days paid vacation
  • Very few meetings
  • Lots of focus time
  • Regular company retreats
  • Learning & improvement stipend

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