Get Executive Buy-in for Your Design System

Craft a business case to secure buy-in from key stakeholders and quantify the ROI of your design system initiative.

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Crafting the business case for design systems

Getting buy-in and funding for your design system from key stakeholders requires building a compelling business case. Executives need to understand why they should resource a design system initiative over something else and how it'll help the organization achieve company goals.

Follow our 4-step process and download our presentation deck template to craft the business case for design systems.

1. Articulate the problem

Highlight current workflow inefficiencies

Identify areas of improvement in collaboration

Communicate inconsistencies in design and their impact

2. Understand stakeholder needs

Identify executive stakeholders and cross-functional partners

Conduct interviews to better understand their priorities

Cater business case to stakeholder needs

3. Budget your design system

Research benchmarks and implementation methods

Calculate the cost of building and maintaining the design system

Forecast impact and cost savings

4. Create an action plan

Identify the scope and scale of the initial design system

Develop a project plan with deadlines and owners

Get buy-in from cross-functional stakeholders

How Supernova saves you time and money

Get an idea of how Supernova accelerates your product workflow, enabling you to scale your design system sustainably and cut down costs.

$100k – $500k
Saved in setup and maintenance costs,
in the first year

Tailor your design system without the overhead

Boost in design system team efficiency

Connect your design system information

1 Day
Saved per week/team
Faster onboarding

Save product teams time and reduce workloads

Matthias Fritsch

Design Lead

Supernova is a tool that really understands the needs of design systems creators. We’ve had no fun in the past working with other tools’ documentation, but that’s all changed now. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and offers many opportunities to scale in the future. As a single source of truth, it is mind-blowing, efficient, fast, and highly customizable. They also listen to their customers and prioritize their roadmaps to fit their needs which is a great bonus.

Quantify the ROI and savings of your Supernova design system

We calculate how much money a design system saves your team, by looking at the cost of product development without a design system, as well as the savings from building using Supernova instead of a custom solution.


Total number of product designers using the design system.


Total number of designers maintaining and contributing to your design system.


Average salary of a designer in your organization.



Total number of developers using your design system.


Total number of developers maintaining and contributing to your design system.


Average salary of a developer at your organization.


Code automation

Teams who use Supernova's code pipelines save additional time and resources by automating the export of design tokens and assets.


The amount of design resources you save per year by building and maintaining your design system with Supernova.

(Avg Salary * Number of Designers * Efficiency Gain)


The amount of developer resources you save per year by building and maintaining your design system with Supernova.

(Avg Salary * Number of Developers * Efficiency Gain)


This is the amount you save by deploying your design system with Supernova, instead of developing a custom design system solution.

(Custom deployment time * Avg salary * Design system team) - (Supernova deployment time * Avg salary * Design system team)


With an average shelf life of 5 years for a design system your total savings will be:

Deployment savings + (Design savings / year + Developer savings / year)*5


The total ROI over 5 years is your total savings divided by your total cost. We define cost as:

Deployment cost + (Avg maintenance time / year * Avg salary * Number of design system practitioners) + License cost of Supernova for 5 years

All done! 
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