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Streamline your design process with Supernova and cut your workload by up to 50% over one year.
Helping companies mature their design systems

Save money

Cut down on design system setup and maintenance costs by $120,000 - $500,000 / year*, depending on the scope of your design system.

Ship faster

Save over 10 hours/week for every team* with next-level documentation and automated design hand-off.

Get buy-in

Get your team onboard quicker by integrating directly into your workflow with support for your favorite tools.

Scale easier

Easily scale design systems across multiple brands, products, and themes with a 30% reduction* in duplication efforts.

Build with accessibility

Cater to more users and save on a full rebuild later by building with accessibility in mind.

*Estimates from user data and Future of Design Tokens survey

Alberto Calvo

Design Operations Manager

“Supernova is the ultimate platform for scaling design systems. Its unique way of bringing all information into a single hyper-connected source of truth allows our small team to work faster and more confidently, covering many of the existing gaps in Figma, automating the most complex parts, and giving us much flexibility.”

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