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6 Ways to Navigate Design to Developer Handoff — Insights From the Experts

Find out the six main takeaways from our recent expert panel on design to developer handoff. Learn how to bridge the gap and set your organization up for success with these insights.

Components: Building the Building Blocks Panel — Audience Q&A

We followed up with our amazing panelists on all things components with you burning questions from the recent webinar. Check out the full Q&A.

Bridging Design and Development: How Mews Is Scaling Their Design System with Supernova

Discover how Mews scaled their design system with Supernova in this insightful case study. Learn about their challenges, the transition process, and the significant impact on productivity and efficiency.

Supernova in 2023: Redefining the Design System Landscape

Reflecting on a transformative year, we look back at Supernova's 2023 exploring the growth, innovation, and future of their design system platform, highlighting partnerships, tools, insights, and community engagement.

Establishing a Single Source of Truth: OneSignal’s Journey with Supernova

Discover how OneSignal revolutionized their design process with Supernova, transforming into streamlined and efficient workflows using a unified source of truth.

Building Durable Component APIs for Design Systems

Dmitry Belyaev, principal front-end engineer at working on design systems and tooling, explains how to build durable component APIs to help make releases more predictable for teams.

Creating a Future-Proof Design System: Comparing Tools vs. Headless

Explore the differences between traditional design system tools and a headless design system approach. And how Supernova with the power of it's SDK can combine the best of both worlds.

Streamline Development With Design-to-Code Automation

Learn how Supernova empowers developers and designers to work faster and better while maintaining their distinct impact on the product by setting up design system code automation.

Understanding the Differences Between Figma Variables and Design Tokens

Explore the essential differences between Figma variables and design tokens in our latest article. Find out what the benefits are and if you should make the jump just yet.