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Creating a Future-Proof Design System: Comparing Tools vs. Headless

Explore the differences between traditional design system tools and a headless design system approach. And how Supernova with the power of it's SDK can combine the best of both worlds.

Streamline Development With Design-to-Code Automation

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Understanding the Differences Between Figma Variables and Design Tokens

Explore the essential differences between Figma variables and design tokens in our latest article. Find out what the benefits are and if you should make the jump just yet.

Navigating Adoption: Driving Design System Usage & Engagement — Q&A Follow-up

We followed up with our expert panelists with your burning questions on Navigating Adoption. Read our full blog for all the answers.

How to Manage and Document Figma Variables With Supernova

Take your Figma Variables to the next level. Learn how to manage, document, and deliver your Figma Variables with Supernova.