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Documenting Design Tokens: A Guide to Best Practices with Supernova

Uncover the essential role of design tokens and learn to document them effectively using Supernova.

What is a Design System? Understanding the Foundation of Consistent and Efficient Design

Discover what a design system is and why it's essential for modern design and development teams. Learn about its components, benefits, and implementation strategies.

Ten Design System Examples in 2024 to Inspire Your Future Design System

Explore the best design system examples from leading brands like Salesforce and Apple. Discover how these systems ensure consistency, efficiency, and scalability in design.

Design System Benefits: Enhancing Efficiency and Consistency in Your Workflow

Discover the key benefits of design systems in enhancing efficiency, consistency, and collaboration in your design and development workflow.

What Are Design Tokens? And Why Should You Use Them

As a core part of design systems, we look into what design tokens are and why you should be using them.

Design System Documentation: Why You Need It and How to Do It

Learn how design system documentation can help your team create consistent, scalable, and efficient products. This guide covers what it is, why it matters, and how to create it effectively.

3 Ways to Setup Multi-brand Design Systems in Supernova

Explore three ways to establish a flexible and scalable multi-brand design system structure using Supernova. This post offers practical tips, examples, and resources for each setup type.

Collaborate At Scale With New Updates To Supernova's Documentation Editor

Discover the new updates to Supernova's Documentation, designed to enhance collaboration for your team with features like commenting, anchor links, and private pages.

Four Ways To Secure Design System Buy-In — Insights From an Expert Panel

Explore insights from a panel of experts on proving the ROI of design systems, emphasizing collaboration, tailored communication, early wins, and effective documentation.

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