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Why You Should Use Figma Variables in Your Design System

Not sure if you should switch to Figma variables for your design system? We walk through 5 compelling reasons why you should get started now.

What Are Figma Variables, Modes, and Collections?

Learn what Figma variables, modes, and collections are and how to use them with your design system.

The Role of Design Systems in Healthcare Digital Transformation

Design systems are crucial tools for helping healthcare organizations transition to digital experiences and ensure patients and providers have a seamless experience.

7 Features to Make Documenting Your Design System Easier Than Ever

Discover the 7 must-know features of Supernova's documentation editor to craft design system documentation with your team.

Getting Executive Buy-In and Proving ROI of Design Systems

We followed up with Lauren LoPrete and PJ Onori to learn more about how they handle getting resourcing and proving the impact of design systems.

10 Most Popular Content Blocks to Document Your Design System Guidelines

Use tables, component checklists, shortcut links, and more to write easy-to-understand guidelines for your design system.

Top Design System Documentation Sites Created With Supernova

Explore top design systems built using Supernova including Skyscanner's Backpack, Okta's Odyssey, and Mozilla's Acorn. Learn how Supernova enhances collaboration, scalability, and integration in design systems.

Four Essential Principles to Scaling Your Design System

Explore key principles for building a scalable design system: automation, clear communication, feedback, and contributions. Enhance efficiency and collaboration for a design system that evolves with your needs.

Optimizing Design System Usage with Analytics and Metrics

Learn how to measure the adoption of your design system with user-reported metrics and analytics in the third article of the Navigating Adoption series.

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