Fully connected design system management

Plug Supernova into your existing design and engineering tools and workflows to create a seamless connected ecosystem.

Helping companies manage their design systems

Connect design decisions in a single ecosystem

Manage your design system building blocks with a detailed tokens view, token aliases, custom metadata, and more.

Sync with your Figma designs

Bring all your styles and design tokens from Figma Variables or Tokens Studio (Formerly Figma Tokens Plugin) and keep your designs always automatically up-to-date.

Manage multiple brands and themes from one view

Unify your brands under one design system. Supernova lets you manage multiple brands and apply different themes to your design decisions from one view.


Track your components’  health, status, and more

Govern your components and track the information that is relevant to you. You can also add custom properties to track for even more control — all from one dashboard.

Manage your design system with ease

Sign up and start using Supernova build and manage your design system with ease.

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All your assets in one place

Create a source of truth for your assets easily. Import, organize, document, and delivery your designs from one place with Supernova.

Official Raycast extension

Access your design systems from anywhere with our Raycast extension.

Unlimited flexibility

Every design system is different, so we give you the keys to tailor your design system to your needs.

‍Customize token or components view, create unlimited groups, or add custom properties to your design system data — it’s all up to you.

It doesn't end there!


Leverage all benefits of a single connected platform and document your tokens like never before.

Code Automation

Let Supernova watch Figma updates and automatically share them with your developers.

Helping teams build and grow their design systems with ease

This is the tool to use to help push your engineering and design teams togethers. As far as I'm aware, fully automating design changes in figma all the way to deployment is cutting edge and either done through a fully custom build pipeline or via Supernova.

Stefan Keranov

Co-Founder & Engineering

If you love Figma's approach to fast, iterative development you will love Supernova.

Their team is engaging in feedback, their discord channel, and even asking to rate future features. Aside from that, the product is easy to set up and use.

Andrew Cetnarskyj

Design Systems Designer

Supernova is a tool that really understands the needs of design systems creators. We’ve had no fun in the past working with other tools’ documentation, but that’s all changed now. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and offers many opportunities to scale in the future.

As a single source of truth, it is mind-blowing, efficient, fast, and highly customizable. They also listen to their customers and prioritize their roadmaps to fit their needs which is a great bonus.

Matthias Fritsch

Design Lead

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