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Supernova enables the whole team to collaborate using the tools they love to deliver products faster. Manage and share design systems coherently across design and code to a degree never seen before. No more "hand-off."

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Design and code


In Supernova, design systems are not just about design - they enable seamless flow of information between design, development and product teams, keeping the team workflow intact.

Create libraries of styles and components and Supernova will manage them for you - distributing the design, code and documentation between all team members - while making sure it never gets out of sync. Automatically.

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Use what you

know and love

Switching tools and creating new processes is expensive and time-consuming - with Supernova, you work with the tools you already love. Supernova supports multiple design tools and integrates with any coding platform, framework and coding style - including proprietary ones.

Link your Figma libraries and keep everything in sync with Supernova's deep design tool integrations. Use IDE extensions and get production-ready code for any design element on demand - or use Supernova's powerful Design Continuous Delivery™ to automate code delivery.

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Give your

design system


Longing for a design system with no duplicated tokens and components, documentation that dynamically updates or code that automatically keeps itself in sync with design changes?

Supernova brings these abilities and more - providing a full end-to-end solution that significantly cuts down costs to build and maintain design systems - while significantly improving speed of adoption within the enterprise.

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say goodbye to hand-off

The constant back-and-forth between design and development leads to huge inefficiencies. But with the tools and processes on both sides working in unison, hand-off is a thing of the past.

Supernova provides a single source of design truth that everyone on the team can access in their own way. There is no need for hand-off - because there is no longer a wall between design and code.

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So far, there’s been no great solution for managing design systems and automating the manual work bridging a design tool and code. Supernova’s promise of a flexible automation platform is what all design systems maintainers are waiting for.

Jan Toman, Design System Lead at Productboard

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