Collaborate At Scale With New Updates To Supernova's Documentation Editor

Discover the new updates to Supernova's Documentation, designed to enhance collaboration for your team with features like commenting, anchor links, and private pages.

Documentation rests at the very center of your design system. This source of truth is where consumers and editors connect to share all the key design, product, and engineering decisions and guidelines. With our recent Supernova 2.0 update, we've stressed how the new platform will help us bring more exciting innovations a lot faster to your favorite design system platform. Our latest update is all about helping you collaborate and document with your team seamlessly at scale.

Write together at the same time

Multiplayer editing is here, which means no more overriding each other's work! But more importantly, multiplayer editing means your team can work together better and faster on the same page.

  • Multiplayer editing: Changes made by one user are instantly visible to all others who are viewing or editing the document.
  • Presence indicators: See where your teammates are working in the documentation editor in real time, making it easier to track changes and avoid duplications of effort.

Multiplayer editing supports everything from small teams needing to quickly update documentation to large organizations where many hands might be on deck for major projects.

Collaborate better with commenting and notifications

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful project. With our new commenting and notifications feature, communication and collaboration become seamless. We're very excited to bring one of our most requested features! You can now:

  • Comment anywhere: Drop comments on specific parts of a document. Whether it's a request for a quick fix or an in-depth discussion on a project segment, your teammates can see and respond right where the action is.
  • Leave a reaction: React with an emoji to acknowledge a comment and send good vibes. After all, they say a picture is a worth a thousand words.
  • Get instant notifications: Get notified immediately when someone responds to your comments or mentions you. This keeps everyone on the same page and reduces response times dramatically.
  • Subscribe to follow along: Stay on top of important threads by subscribing and getting notification on specific topics.

Commenting is available on all plans today. You can finally publicly tag and remind that one teammate who always forgets to update a component’s health status.

Tailor transparency with private pages

Control visibility with confidence. Available exclusively for our Enterprise customers, private pages allow you to manage document visibility with precision. You'll be able to confidently share your documentation site publicly, knowing that sensitive information remains private.

Private pages provide an added layer of security, ensuring that only individuals with the right permissions can access specific content. This feature is particularly useful when you're working on drafts, confidential projects, or any sensitive information that requires restricted access.

Navigate documentation effectively with anchor links

This update also includes another long-requested feature: anchor links. Navigating extensive documentation can be time-consuming. With anchor links, you can jump directly to the most pertinent sections, saving time and enhancing the reader's experience.

Looking ahead

We hope you enjoy the update! You can try it now on the Supernova app. This is just another step in our continued mission to help you build better products faster. We have more exciting updates to come that we can't wait to share with you, so stay tuned to our blog and socials.

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