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Supernova is the single most outrageous idea since
the first design and development tools. Our goal—to
automate everything so that people can be creative
again—is the holy grail of today's world, and we're
working on it.

Ready for liftoff


We are a team of passionate and driven individuals who are committed to making a great product.

Though we hold each other to very high standards, we respect each other deeply.

We’re a diverse group of tech-obsessed, energy-drinking over achievers

who want to make the world a better place.

Meet the supernova team

Work from anywhere

We are building a fully distributed all-star team with the option to
join the core team in our Prague offices.
Being comfortable with your workplace is a must and we are
committed to make your work experience the best.

Push the limits of tech

We are building technology that has never been built before and
that has the potential to completely change the entire mobile
You'll play a critical role in shaping the future of mobile app
design and development.

Deliver as you see fit

Do you like to work overnight and have your afternoons free?
Some of us are most productive in the same way. Just deliver—and
the how is up to you.
We are a family and respect the wishes of others. Making sure
everyone feels great and appreciated is our priority.

Enjoy the benefits

We work hard and appreciate the effort that goes into hard work.
We are a funded startup and value our talented team.
What does that mean for you? Competitive salaries and option
packages that will push you to a bright future.

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