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Design system documentation makes or breaks adoption of design systems within enterprises. Keeping the documentation up to date is a huge undertaking. With Supernova, documentation grows and improves dynamically as you evolve your design system.

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Let documentation

update itself

Maintaining thousands of design elements means there will be a lot of changes with each version - making it likely that manual doc updates will slide out of sync.

With Supernova's smart documentation engine, your docs can be automatically populated (and updated) from design data. Apply a polished look (even drawn from the design system itself) and add your own custom content to round it out, and you're done.

Edit documents using
familiar conventions

Ever used Notion, edited pages in Google Docs or written a Medium article?

If you have, then you already know how to create beautiful documentation in Supernova. In addition, we add some features uniquely engineered for design systems - like design token list rendering, inline code generators, component sandbox embedding and much more.

different versions
for different

Not all products teams are ready to move to a new design system version when it is released.

With Supernova, each version is released and documented separately, so each team always accesses documentation appropriate to the version of the design system they are using.

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Style documentation
with your design system

Documentation is a big part of every product - and it should feel like it belongs to it, adhering to your branding rules.

Everything you write can be styled and customized using tokens from the design system of your choice, and you can even define separate design systems that will only be used for documentation styling.

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