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Documentation that

teams adopt naturally

Compelling, rich documentation sells design systems inside organizations, but requires a lot of effort to get off the ground. Supernova makes creation and ongoing maintenance dead easy so you can focus on improving your design system.

Use what you already know

Start right away with a powerful editor that will be immediately familiar to users of writing tools like Notion or Google Docs to make writing a joy, but with the ability to dynamically embed design system content directly.

Bring all your design data together

Use powerful blocks that instantly render all kinds of content and keep your documentation in sync when the data source changes. Embed stories from Storybook. Illustrations and examples from Figma. Even live code examples.

Hand-off to your teams

Expose designer and developer data in any form or shape you want. Use always up-to-date information from connected sources to accurately represent your intentions and help users get value by turning your documentation into a state-of-the-art hand-off platform.


Customize the viewer experience

With dynamic templates powering the documentation, Supernova allows you to go deeper than any other documentation tool and customize every aspect of your documentation, down to the last character.

For the first time, your documentation can truly embody your design principles...

Add new editor functionality

Need a content block that lets your editors do something special, like pull in data from an API? Build a documentation editor plugin that enables you to define more content, tailored to your needs and available to all your editors.

Supernova's docs model is completely extensible — an industry first!

 as off-line site

In need of offline backups? Would you love to have documentation available locally, on a plane, or maybe so you can work in a forest?

Use Supernova's powerful export technology to export a static site to your filesystem, repositories or any other destination.

Style using your design system

Use your own design system tokens and styles to match the design with your brand and let your documentation be the first design system advocate users will see.

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