The future of design tokens fireside chat

The future of design tokens

Happy Holidays! We've brought the top design system experts to discuss the future of design tokens as we head into the new year.

Watch Donna Vitan, Jina Anne, Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent, Nathan Curtis, and moderator Dan Mall chat about their visions for the future of design tokens and how individuals can put them into practice.

Meet the speakers

Donna Vitan

As the Design Lead for the Design Systems at TELUS Digital, Donna supports the evolution and growth of the organization's design systems. She is a user experience, interaction, and visual designer committed to inclusive design.

Jina Anne

Jina is a Design/Developer Relations Manager at Google and the organizer of Clarity, the premiere Design Systems conference. She founded the global Design Systems Coalition and runs the Design Systems Slack which currently has over 10,000 members.

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent

Kaelig is a principal software engineer at Netlify and the co-chair of the Design Tokens Community Group. In the past, he's worked on various design systems, such as Shopify Polaris and the Salesforce Lightning Design System.

Nathan Curtis

Nathan co-founded EightShapes with Dan Brown in 2006. He's passionate about information architecture, UX, front-end dev, and focuses on design systems consulting. You can find him chatting up systems on Twitter and publishing ideas on Medium.

Dan Mall

Dan is a husband, dad, teacher, creative director, designer, founder, and entrepreneur from Philly. Most recently, Dan ran design system consultancy SuperFriendly for over a decade. Now, he teaches designers to get the respect they deserve to create better opportunities for those who wouldn’t have them otherwise. Dan writes about design systems, process, and leadership and other issues on Twitter and on his site,

Disclaimer: Dan Mall is a strategic advisor of Supernova

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