How to Use Figma Variables in Your Design System

Rewatch our engaging panel with Friends of Figma Community Advocate, Raquel Perreria, and Supernova's own Design Advocate, Beatriz Novais, as they go in-depth on how to use Figma variables within your design system.

Discover useful guides to move over to Figma variables, and how to make sure you're set up for your design system. Also learn how Supernova directly integrates with Figma variables using the all new plugin.

Meet the speakers

Raquel Pereira

Raquel is doing Design Ops at Volkswagen Digital Solutions, working for MAN Truck at Bus. On a daily basis, she enhances design and research processes, advocating for a better design culture, not only at MAN but also in the VW group.

She also created and teaches an online remote intensive course at TheStarter - Implement Design Systems at Scale. And she's a Community Advocate at Friends of Figma Portugal where they organize events, talks, and workshops.

Beatriz Novais

Beatriz is a former Product Designer at, where she contributed to building its user experience.

Currently, as a Design System Advocate, she collaborates with teams to improve and optimize their design systems.

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