Optimize Design-to-Developer Handoffs with Design Systems

Rewatch our engaging webinar on optimizing Design-to-Developer handoffs with Design Systems! In this one-hour session, industry experts Valerie Phoenix, Adekunle Oduye, and Aletheia Delivre share their insights and experiences on effective communication, collaboration, and the role of design systems in streamlining the handoff process.

During the webinar, we will address the challenges faced during the handoff, best practices for fostering collaboration between designers and developers, and the benefits of integrating design systems into the process. Whether you're a designer or developer, this webinar will provide valuable insights to enhance your workflow and improve the design-to-development handoff.

Meet the speakers

Valerie Phoenix

Valerie (previously Engineering Manager at Alma) is a technologist who focuses on creating user-centered digital experiences as a full-time UX designer & full stack developer. To help spread the financial wealth offered by the tech industry, Valerie founded Tech By Choice, a nonprofit with a mission to increase diversity in the STEM related industries by providing low to no cost classes and event to help individuals in protected groups enter, stay, and thrive in their field.

Adekunle Oduye

Adekunle Oduye (Add-eh-koon-lay Oh-due-yay) is an UX Engineer born / breed / based in Brooklyn, New York. Currently, he’s at Plaid, helping to build Threads, Plaid's official design system. Outside of work, Adekunle is a coach, speaker, and co-host of the Code and Pixels podcast. He’s very passionate about design systems, prototyping, and front-end development. When he’s not building software, you can probably find him reading up on Stoicism or planning his next adventure.

Aletheia Delivre

Aletheia is currently Manager of Design Operations at Zapier, a tech leader in the no-code automation space. She is responsible for optimizing design teams’ workflows, building a strong design community, and championing design’s business impact across Zapier’s Product org and Brand Studio team. She formerly led the program management and helped drive an evolution of Ceridian’s new design system Everest, as well as established a new Design team focused on accessibility and research at the Government of Canada. In her logged off hours, Aletheia likes to play amateur tennis with her partner, hone her digital drawing skills on the iPad, and admire custom woodwork pieces. She currently lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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