State of Components 2023

Supernova surveyed 100+ designers and developers across various industries to understand the current state of components in 2023. Explore the results and insights in our 30+ page "State of Components 2023” report!

Who is this report useful for?

  • Designers (Designers in Design Systems, Product Designers, UX Designers)
  • Developers (Developers in a Design Systems team, Front-end Engineers, Software Engineers)
  • Design Systems Leads and Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Design Operations

How can you use it?

  • Empower your design system — discover trends and components’ best practices.
  • Streamline development and find ways to optimize workflows.
  • Learn how you can boost collaboration for smoother development processes.
  • Improve your documentation practices based on the latest trends.
  • Use the report as an educational tool.

What you'll find in the report

The report is divided into five parts and breaks down the results and insights in each section of the survey.

  • Key Takeaways
  • Components Creation
  • Components Documentation
  • Adoption
  • Maintenance and Governance

Survey participants

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