The Blueprint: How Banks Craft Design Systems for Success

Rewatch an enlightening webinar where leading experts from the banking industry will delve into the intricacies of designing effective design systems. Our panelists, including Beau Ulrey (U.S. Bank), Erin Potter (Capital One), and Michiel Vissers (Delen Private Bank), will explore how banks uniquely approach design systems compared to other organizations, showcase what design systems look like within their respective banks, and discuss the significant impact these systems have on achieving business goals.

This webinar will provide an exclusive look into the role of design systems in digital product development, focusing on key components, the importance of principles such as security and consistency, and the challenges banks face in implementation and maintenance.

Meet the speakers

Beau Ulrey

Beau Ulrey leads and manages the Shield Design System team at U.S. Bank. He's passionate about using empathy and good design to help people reach their goals. Whether working as a designer, coach or manager, his goal is to uncover what people need to create better experiences and tools. He writes about design systems and product design practices on Medium (@beauulrey) and talks them as well from time to time.When away from the screen, Beau can be found hiking in the PNW, splashing in the Pacific with his kiddos and toting his camera along the way.

Michiel Vissers

Michiel Vissers is a UX designer at Delen Private Bank, where he focuses on enhancing client-facing software, internal tooling, and the Delen Private Bank design system.He is a dedicated UX Designer with over 3 years of experience, focusing on UX/UI Design, Design Systems, and UX Research. They have played a key role in enhancing design systems, leading UX projects, and leveraging user insights for smarter design choices. Michiel is driven by the transformative journey of products and is committed to innovating within the UX field. Their goal is to craft user experiences that not only are intuitive but also evoke positive emotions, aiming for a digital environment where every interaction counts.

Erin Potter

Erin Potter has dedicated nearly 25 years to the design field, including mentoring, teaching, and leading teams. While she started in print, packaging, and branding, in 2010 product design captured her heart. Erin has since built a localized design system for Capital One's call center agent products and then took that experience to help build community and engagement for the Enterprise Design System. She led a coalition crafted to inform the requirements and designs to build a system that could service all of Capital One's products, internal and external. This journey is still in progress!

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