Simplify Your Design Tokens Pipeline — November 2023 Release

Streamline your design tokens workflow with Supernova's Nov 2023 update featuring Figma Variables support, a new SDK, and advanced exporters.

Supernova is proud to be your design systems partner. We’re excited to share new features to improve your design systems workflows, so you can spend more time building and solving product design problems while we handle the tedious stuff. This update improves the automation of your design tokens pipeline and tightens the integration between Supernova and Figma. Let's dive in!

Figma Variables support (beta)

Streamline the management, documentation, and delivery of your design tokens in one place. Connect all your design tokens — now including Variables — with Supernova. Download the new Supernova Variables plugin (beta) from Figma and watch the magic happen.

With this update, you can import Figma Variables alongside the rest of your design data to manage, document, and export with Supernova. Check out our guide on all things Supernova and Figma Variables to learn more.

New and improved developer experience (beta)

Delivering designs to code effectively is essential to making your design system work — and we're taking it a step further by making it automated and customizable. Supernova’s new developer experience (beta) features a brand-new SDK and improved Exporters.

Take control of your data with the SDK

Access and build with all your design system data through Supernova’s SDK. You now have read and write access to your entire Supernova workspace, so you can create custom solutions for your design and developer ecosystem.

Enjoy the ease of using Supernova while leveraging the flexibility of customization. Learn more about the SDK.

Exporters are now better than ever

Take your workflow to the next level and automate your design token delivery and stop manual, line-by-line code changes. Use Exporters to detect changes to your design system data and deliver them to production code.

Easily configure Exporters to support your tech stack with our CSS tokens exporter, React tokens exporter, Tailwind exporter, and more. We’ve also added new out-of-the-box Exporters, including SVG-to-React. Check out the full library!

Need something custom? Write your own Exporters using TypeScript or JavaScript, with full access to the node ecosystem and npm packages. You can also create configurable Exporters to tailor the output according to your needs. Get started with our updated developer docs.

Explore the updates

Combined together, these updates help simplify your design tokens pipeline like never before. With unmatched support for how you want to work and hours saved with a seamless automation pipeline — Supernova is your design system partner.

Log in to your Supernova workspace to check out the new updates. They’re live now!

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Stay tuned for more! We have something massive planned for 2024.

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