Supernova Log — November 2022

Exciting new updates, a brand new website, and catch us at plenty of conferences!

November is gearing up to be an exciting month for all of us here at Supernova! You can find out everything going on right here and always stay tuned to our blog for our latest news. Without further ado — here is everything going on with Supernova this month.

Website redesign — flying to new frontiers 🚀

You may have already noticed while reading this, our website and blog have received an other-worldly makeover! This has been works for a while now and we couldn’t be happier with what the team put together.

The new dark-themed website takes inspiration from the grandest space of all, and you might find some easter eggs from our favorite Sci-fi shows and movies. Let us know what you think of the new design on Twitter.

The design tokens landscape is about to change 🤫

There’s something big on the horizon, but you’ll have to wait a bit to find out more. We’re incredibly excited about what’s to come, it’ll also be live on our Product Hunt the same day, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, you might’ve caught our survey — State of Design Tokens was running for the past two weeks. Stay tuned for the results of that as well.

Coming to a conference near you

Conference season is in full flow and the Supernova team is flying out to be in a couple. We’re really excited about the chance to connect with the community and talk about all things design systems. You can find us at:

Canvas Conference — November 3rd

Happening in person in Cineworld, Birmingham, England. Can’t wait to meet you there!

Canvas is a digital product and experience one-day conference sharing actionable insights from makers, to makers.

Our very own Chief Product Officer, Andrew Evans will be one of the speakers during the panel discussions.

If you still haven’t grabbed a ticket and are interested, you can find it here. If you’re attending find us at our booth to meet the team and get some goodies!

Clarity — November 9-11

The big design systems conference of 2022 is happening in New Orleans, Louisiana (Sheraton New Orleans) and we’ll be attending both in person and online. Find our booth to get your hands on some fun swag.

We’ll also have a virtual booth for the online attendees, stay tuned to our Twitter for more details on that.

Also attending…

Web Summit 2022 — November 1-4

Happening in Lisbon this year, and some of our team members will be out and about at Web Summit, reach out to us if you want to catch them there!

Schema by Figma London — November 9th

We’re also attending Schema, which will be an exciting opportunity to meet members of the design system community. We’re eager to connect with people, so tuned to Twitter as well.

You can expect a full day of live programming and networking, as we spotlight diverse voices who will inspire and expand how you approach your design systems practice!

We hope this glimpse into what Supernova is up to during November gets you as excited as we are. There are still some surprises planned, we won’t spoil everything. As ever stay tuned to our blog and social media for the latest on Supernova.

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