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Introducing Design System Archetypes: Mapping Tool 2.0

Explore the updated Design System Mapping Tool with its new features. Understand your unique design system better with data-driven questions and Design System Archetypes.

Announcing Supernova's ISO 27001 Certification

Supernova is thrilled to announce that we have successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification, the global standard that shows our continued commitment to security.

Navigating the Future of Design Tokens: Insights from Supernova's 2024 Webinar

Dive into the key takeaways from Supernova's expert panel on the state of design tokens in 2024. Explore insightful discussions on collaboration, token management, layout theming, and more.

10 Essential Accessibility Tools for Designers

Explore the top 10 essential tools for creating accessible designs. Learn how these tools can help make your designs inclusive and compliant with accessibility standards.

Creating Tokens: Navigating a World of Possibilities

Explore the exciting world of tokens in design systems with guest writer Tiago. Learn about best practices, personal insights, and strategies for effective design token creation.

Driving Modernization With Design Systems for Banks

Recapping the recent panel Supernova hosted, "The Blueprint: How Banks Craft Design Systems for Success." We go over the main takeaways from the talk and how banks can modernize with design systems.

Securing Buy-In for Your Design System: A Lifecycle Approach

Discover how to secure stakeholder buy-in for a design system at every stage, from pre-building to post-launch, and transform your product development process.

The Essential Principles of a Scalable Token Architecture

Discover how to build a scalable token architecture for your design system, from analyzing your business context to leveraging automation tools for continuous improvement.

Behind the Scenes: The Technical Evolution of Supernova 2.0 from Flutter to React

Discover how Supernova transitioned from Flutter to React for its 2.0 version, enhancing its performance and setting the stage for future advancements.

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