Components: Building the Building Blocks

Rewatch our panel all about components, featuring industry experts: Alissa Engstrom (Senior Product Designer, Design Systems at, Dmitry Belyaev (Principal Frontend Engineer at, and Giles Perry (Director of Product Design at Skyscanner).

During this panel, you'll learn best practices for managing a component's lifecycle — from creating new components to tracking component health to deprecating components. We'll also dive into how designers and developers approach and leverage components.

Meet the speakers

Alissa Engstrom

Senior Product Designer —

Alissa is a seasoned product designer with 15 years of expertise in UX and product design. In her current role as the Lead Designer at, she is spearheading the development of the organization's very first comprehensive design system, "Takeoff."

Her primary objective is to guide the team in approaching product design holistically and systematically, ultimately delivering a more effective solution for end-users. Originating from Redding, CA, she is a committed leader within a local tech community dedicated to promoting free learning opportunities in design and development.

Dmitry Belyaev

Principal Frontend Engineer —

Dmitry is a principal front-end engineer with more than a decade of experience working on design systems and tooling. Currently he’s working on the Design System, leading the web team and consulting product teams across the company. In his free time, Dmitry experiments with new approaches for developing UI and shares his progress on his Twitter/X.

Giles Perry

Director of Product Design — Skyscanner

Giles is a Product Design Director at Skyscanner, where he leads the team responsible for Backpack, Skyscanner's open-source design system. He sees Backpack as a service whose job is to enable Skyscanner to deliver product quality at scale.

Giles is a designer who likes to dabble in code. He built the Figma plugin Variant Organiser to help you keep your component libraries tidy.

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