From Passion Project to Dedicated Design System Team

Rewatch our insightful fireside chat featuring the accomplished Patrycja Radaczynska, Principal Design System Engineer at Babbel. We delved into Patrycja's transformative journey from nurturing design systems as a passion project to spearheading a dedicated design system team.

Gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of building and managing design systems, the challenges and rewards of transitioning roles, and strategies to bridge the gap between design and development. This fireside chat promises a wealth of knowledge for those eager to elevate their understanding of design systems.

Meet the speaker

Patrycja Radaczynska
Principal Design System Engineer — Babbel

Based in Berlin, but originally from Poland, Patrycja Radaczyńska is a front-end engineer, passionate about building design systems. Currently building one at Babbel, previously at Contentful and Brainly.

On a daily basis she is trying to bridge the gap between design and engineering. Tools, process, communication, documentation, listening users and finding solutions is what she focuses on. As a musician who started her career in tech pretty late in her life, she is trying to give back something to the community and share her experience by mentoring others. In love with technology that makes life easier, art, books and music. Enthusiast of road-trips with her little van.

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From Passion Project to Dedicated Design System Team

Supernova hosted an engaging Fireside Chat that featured the remarkable Patrycja Radaczynska, an advocate in the realm of Design Systems. In this insightful discussion, she delved into her journey, which began as a passionate project focused on design systems and eventually led her to become an integral part of Babbel's dedicated team.

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