Navigating Adoption: Driving Design System Usage & Engagement

Capping off our Navigating Adoption campaign, design system experts Andrew Clark, Cintia Romero, and Maya Hampton share valuable insights and experiences on navigating adoption in their design systems. Watch the recording or read the recap.

Dive in and learn about design system education, adoption metrics, and practical strategies to increase usage of your design system among various teams. This webinar is an unmissable opportunity for anyone eager to elevate their understanding and implementation of design systems in their organization.

Meet the speakers

Andrew Clark

Andrew is leading the Product Design team at H&R Block delivering engaging client and associate experiences. His team of UX, Content, and Service Designers is focused on remarkable experiences built with expertise and care.

Andrew is energized by creative action, leading teams, and nudging others to see the power of design. His experience at Sonos, Bruce Mau Design, and Minimal inform his approach every day.

Cintia Romero

Cintia Romero is a Senior Product designer with over 12 years of experience building products and experiences for multiple platforms. Latina from Brazil, working at Pinterest’s Gestalt Design System (Gestalt), and advocating for human-centered design while spreading good practices related to accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Besides, she is vegan and enjoys hiking with her husband and dog.

Maya Hampton

Maya is the Senior Digital Product Manager for Design Systems at REI, where she leads a cross-functional team on a mission to build a robust foundation for the co-op's digital ecosystem.

Her goal is to keep REI's branding consistent and ensure a smooth user experience across a range of digital platforms, while also unlocking efficiency and improving collaboration among product development teams. You can follow her work on the Cedar Design System at

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