Beyond Launch: Nurturing & Sustaining Design Systems

Rewatch our engaging live panel with industry experts Henry Daggett, Jeremy Dizon, and Bethany Sonefeld as they share their valuable insights and experiences on maintaining design systems.

Discover practical strategies, learn about day-to-day maintenance, versioning best practices, and explore the challenges and successes faced by design system maintainers. This webinar is a must-watch for anyone looking to enhance their design system management skills. You can also find the transcript here or read our recap blog.

Meet the speakers

Henry Daggett

Henry is a Product Designer leading the Design System at Societe Generale. His main goal helping designers and developers create together - while also painting, writing and coding.

Jeremy Dizon

Jeremy is currently a Lead Product Designer on the design systems team at Disney Streaming. His design systems journey began at Google building spec sheets for Material Design components which led him to Airbnb, where he created the first component libraries for the Design Language System (DLS). He fully became a systems designer at Lyft, working on the Lyft Product Language, where he migrated the design org from Sketch to Figma and reimagined a more efficient and partner-centric contribution model. His passion for systems led him to Disney Streaming to tackle a multi-brand and multi-platform world which has been both exciting and challenging at the same time.

Jeremy is a proud Bay Area native, growing up in San Jose and now living in East Bay in Dublin. Outside of work, Jeremy balances his time as a dad of 2 and being part of 3 different Star Wars costuming groups, fully merging the lines between being a creative and a nerd.

Bethany Sonefeld

Bethany is a designer, leader, and speaker that specializes in systems thinking, detail-oriented design, and scalable enterprise solutions. Bethany has spent her career leading grass-roots efforts, consistently innovating and influencing design and product strategy. She was a founding member and Design Lead for the Carbon Design System at IBM, and scaled their practice from 1 to now over 700 teams. Bethany’s focus on security began at Cloudflare, where she led their Zero-Trust product from concept to protecting organizations of all sizes from cyber attacks.

Currently, Bethany manages the Duo Authentication Design team at Cisco Secure, focusing on democratizing security for everyone. She is an advocate for ethical design and runs Create with Conscience, a space dedicated to educating and committing to designing healthier technology. Bethany’s approach is ensuring the products we use everyday do not hinder the great experiences of our lives.

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