Scaling accessibility through design systems

Watch our fireside chat on scaling a11y through design systems. Our panel of experts, including accessibility advocate and design leader Geri Reid, renowned engineer Lauren Beatty, and UX and design researcher Stéphanie Walter, shared their insights and experiences on effectively incorporating and scaling a11y with design systems.

Moderated by our very own product designer Aprile Elcich, this webinar provides valuable insights for designers, developers, and anyone interested in creating inclusive and accessible digital experiences. Watch to learn more and take your design systems to the next level! And can follow along the transcript here.

Catch our follow-up Q&A for even more in-depth insight on a11y and design systems.

Meet the speakers

A photo of panelist Stephanie Walter.
Stéphanie Walter

Stéphanie is a UX Researcher and Designer based in Luxembourg. She focuses on building user-centered, inclusive, and accessible products and services.

Her passion for teaching, speaking, and writing about design, UX research, accessibility, cognitive biases, and the design-dev relationship has taken her around the world.

A photo of panelist Lauren Beatty.
Lauren Beatty

Lauren Beatty is a Staff Engineer at Zapier, and a fan of the very front of the front end. She's been lucky to work on Design Systems at different stages of evolution at a number of organizations, and loves to drive positive change through small decisions that scale exponentially. That's the power of Design Systems.

A photo of panelist Geri Reid
Geri Reid

Geri is lead designer on the Newskit Design System which feeds some of the UK’s largest newspaper and broadcast brands. Prior to that, she was design lead on the Constellation design system at Lloyds Banking Group and Principal on a systems team at a fintech. She is a keen accessibility advocate, using design systems to propagate accessible components at scale.

A photo of moderator Aprile Elcich.
Aprile Elcich

Aprile Elcich is a Product Designer with a design and development background with more than a decade of professional experience building products at all stages, including as a past startup founder.

Her interests include user experience design, visual design, front end development, open source, writing, and organizing. Her current focus is on building better tools for design systems and bridging design and development at

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